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Starting with ecommerce and expanding into web hosting and domain registration,

recently we offer web design including re-design as well.



Have you ever thought about having website for yourself or for your organisation. If you did there is where mskato can assist you. We will take you through process from "A to Z". Starting with finding and registering domain name best for you, best web hosting and on web design finishing.

If you thinking of opening online shop, we can assist you with this idea too.


Web design, online shop, web hosting WE CAN CREATE FOR YOU - FROM DESIGN TO IMPLEMENTATION.

Than you could expand on new markets and become visible for wider group of customers.


Expand on new areas, become visible for online customers !



If you have already website and looking for re-design it - this can be done by us as well !!


You could not find better place to start your idea putting into live.

If you are interested in any of those - we can do it for you.


Contact us at admin@mskato.com if you have any queries and we will be happy to help.





MS KaTo proudly announced latest project - ArtZone, place with affordable oryginal artwork. Place not only for young artists looking to exhibit their artworks.




" ArtZone - affordable artwork for everyone."





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